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Benefits of Swimming Reminder, whilst we excitedly wait for the pools to reopen!


Giving your child the opportunity to learn how to swim is one of the best gifts you can give to them because it offers so many benefits, including physical and mental development, improvement of social skills and confidence, as well as building life-long skills for safety.  Plus, its lots of fun and opens up new opportunities for them as they get older for all types of different sporting and aquatic activities.

For many of us swimming pools are closed at the moment, so to get us motivated, let’s remind ourselves of the Top 5 benefits of learning to swim ready for when we can get back to the pool.

  1. Health – Physical & Mental

One of the benefits of swimming for children (and all ages) is that during cardiovascular activity, a child’s lung and heart condition significantly improves. Plus, because of all the active movements included in swimming, they develop strength and endurance. Swimming also enhances the flexibility and balance of the body.

According to studies, swimming also helps children develop their mind/body connection. This, in turn, helps them to significantly improve their brain development and intelligence. And also, due to the stimulation of a young child’s senses, swimming regularly improves brain and emotional development.

  1. Social Skills

Swimming provides opportunities for children to socially engage with peers and meet others with similar interests, which helps them to improve their social skills outside of a school setting.

  1. Safety - Key Life Skills

Swimming is a key life skill that every child should be given the opportunity to learn.

  1. Helps with Stress

Due to the increase of endorphins in the brain, swimming helps children to effectively relieve their stress. In addition, children develop a balanced lifestyle by the routine provided by swimming.

  1. Develops Confidence

By learning new skills, children benefit from increased confidence and self-esteem. This confidence can become very helpful for them in social situations when they communicate with their peers. Children also develop a positive attitude towards physical activity by improved self-esteem.

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