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British Summer - A day at the beach

We all know how wildly wrong the forecast for the day can be. We have all experienced the sudden changes from lovely warm sunshine to cloudy skies and chilly wind in a matter of hours. So if I’ve learn anything from taking 5 children to the beach is a that it is a can be a challenge at the best of times, and throw unpredictable weather in to the mix, and that fun day out suddenly turns into a nightmare.

So I thought I would share my experience and 10 top tips to help plan any little eventualities. Of course, I can’t change the weather but hopefully some of my hints and tips will help keep the little ones (and the grown ups!) moods sunny.

  • Get the kids into UV protection swim suits and beach shoes, before going to the beach and plaster them with factor 50 before you go. This saves a lot of time and lets the sun cream sink in before they hit the water. This also saves a lot of mess when you get there, as sand will always get mixed into the sun cream as you put it on. Kids love to run straight to the water when they arrive, rarely will they want to come back for sun cream.
  • Get the kids to wear a poncho towel to the beach, that way once you arrive, you are not having to collect up socks, t-shirt, shorts etc littered on the beach as they run to the sea. This works well in reverse as changing on the beach is tricky, after a long day. A poncho towel is ideal as they can change inside it, or just go home in it. They also are great for bundling them up should they get chilly from the water. Also extra tip, if you decided to leave changing until you get to the beach, it is much easier to changing little ones in the back of the car than on the beach, that way you can leave clothes in the boot instead of lugging them to the beach and back.
  • Hats are a must to help shield you from the sun as well, as well as helping to keeping you warm if the weather turns.
  • Always pack a small First Aid kit. It doesn’t have to be big, just enough for a couple of plasters, antiseptic cream, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitiser, and a bandage. I always tuck in a couple of lollipops. They help dry up the tears quicker and offer a distraction!
  • Change for parking. There are always sneaky parking charges.
  • Lots of Food & Water. Kids always eat and drink more at the beach, keep it simple sandwiches, crisps, biscuits, fruit. Hard boiled eggs come in their own wrappers as do bananas (Kids won’t want anything that involves using a knives and fork). They get very hungry running around the beach and having imaginary epic battles with the sea.
  • Even better if you can make up lunch packs that way every child has their own pack of food, you can monitor how much they have eaten through out the day.
  • Bag for rubbish. As strange as this one may sound, we want to keep our beaches lovely and clean, a separate bag just for rubbish is handy, as the beach bins can be few and far between.
  • Flask of Tea/Coffee and one of Hot cocoa for the kids. The sea can be very chilly, even if the weather is nice. A warm cup of hot cocoa will warm up kids nicely, and the tea/ coffee for the adults is a must. Unless you want to walk miles to the nearest café!
  • Rope and 2 poles a few lightweight blankets to help make a wind breaker/ sunshade if you haven’t got one that rolls up. Also is acts great as a mini washing line, should your adventurous little one get their clothes wet, before you have put their beach wear on.

 What ever you do we encourage you to stay safe, avoid the midday sun, and slap on plenty of sun cream (including you adults!) and hopefully this hints and tips will help you all have a wonderful day at the beach. If you have time, take a look at our wonderful range beach products. From roll up changing mats (great space saver and made of soft warm neoprene) to UV swimwear , babywarma wetsuits, children wetsuits, shortie wetsuits and beach shoes. As well as UV protection Swim Jackets and Float suits. Everything to help keep kids safe in the sun leaving you more time to relax and enjoy.


The Konfidence Family. x

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