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How Do Swim Jackets Work?

When your child first starts learning to swim, it would be beneficial to research swimming aids. At Konfidence, we recommend swim jackets, as well as being very practical, they are great to look at and come in a variety of designs!

So, What Are Swim Jackets?

Swim jackets are worn over swimming costumes or shorts and look like a waistcoat. These handy jackets are made from neoprene material including UPF for sun protection. Within the lining we have included several removable floats so they can be removed as your child becomes more confident in the water.

How Swim Jackets Help Children To Learn To Swim.

These buoyancy aids fit easily and comfortably, providing your child with the additional buoyancy required to learn to swim. As swim jackets are made in a waistcoat style your little one’s arms are left unrestricted, meaning that they have full range of movement in both their arms and legs. This allows them to have the ability to get into a natural swimming position both with and without holding onto something as they learn how to kick under water.

How To Use Swim Jackets

Swim jackets are put on by pulling them on like a normal jacket, then secured with a zip running up the front and sealing the zip in place with the strap near the top. As mentioned previously, the floats within the jacket can be removed as your child becomes more confident.

It is recommended to remove the floats in pairs in the following order:

  • Outer pockets at front
  • Outer pockets at back
  • Inner pockets at front
  • Inner pockets at back

Regardless of whether the floats are in the swim jacket or not, your child can still wear it as it may give them confidence with swimming and will keep them warm when in the water.


A Few Safety Tips For When Using Swim Jackets

  • Make sure to fit the swim jacket properly to prevent the jacket from riding up above your child’s chin when they are in the water.
  • Secure the strap across the top of the zip to help prevent the jacket from coming undone or your child undoing the jacket and removing it whilst in the water.
  • To prevent chaffing make sure your jacket is a soft neoprene, like The Original Konfidence Swim Jacket.
  • Always supervise children when in the water – a swim jacket is not a substitute for a life jacket.

We understand that buoyancy aids are essential to children learning to swim, as they provide buoyancy, confidence and the comfort needed to ensure that your child’s swimming lessons are a success.

For more information on swimming aids to help your child learn to swim, please contact the Konfidence team on 01566 777887 or
 Email us at

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